Monday, May 14, 2007

Annex Real Estate School Celebrates Red Sox Win: Real Estate Term Used to Describe Beckett's Injury!

Annex Real Estate School joins the rest of Red Sox Nation in celebrating yesterday's come back win of 6-5 over the Orioles. All of their 6 runs were scored in the bottom half of the ninth inning! This article from the Official Red Sox site, tells it all!

What was of special interest to real estate students at the Annex Real Estate School, is the use of the word"avulsion" to describe Josh Beckett's injury to his right middle finger. Here, Beckett describes what happened as " "My skin just tore," Beckett said."

In class, students learn that this same word is used in real estate terminologly to describe a sudden loss of land, ususally from the rapid flow of water, as by a flooding river or stream!

Yesterday's success of the Red Sox was possible because they saw the opportunity and used it. If real estate is to be the career for you, check out the different courses at Annex Real Estate School and see what opportunities might be there for you.

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Seth Winkleman said...

Pretty funny that you can use Real Estate terminology in the same sentence as a Red Sox win...GO SOX!