Friday, February 01, 2008

Patriots Official Massachusetts Real Estate License School ;) !

We'd like to be the Official Real Estate School of the New England Patriots! Until that happens though, we do want to go on record. Win or lose, the Patriots are our team. And on Monday morning we will still be admiring our team that made it to the Super Bowl.

On Tuesday, Februry 5th, there will be the return to reality, as Annex Real Estate School starts it's February schedule of Massachusetts Real Estate License Classes with the traditional MIDWEEK classes. There is the Morning Program that go from 9 am to noon, on Tuesdays and Thursdays for four weeks. (24 hours of state mandated classroom instruction).

Then there is the traditional MIDWEEK Evening Program that meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. This program also starts on February 5th and runs for four weeks. (24 hours of state mandated classroom instruction).

For those who would like an INTENSIVE WEEKEND Program, that will start on Friday evening, February 15th, at 5:30 pm. The classes will then continue on Saturday and Sunday, February 16th and 17th, 8 am to 6 pm, both days. (24 hours of state mandated classroom instruction).

What is so important about '24 hours of state mandated classroom instruction'?
We don't want you to be misled by what you might read elsewhere. We've taken online courses and sometimes they're great. But, in Massachusetts, in order to qualify, all of your pre-Licensing Instruction and Continuing Education must be given at an Authorized Massachusetts Real Estate School. There must be a Massachusetts Approved Real Estate Instructor present in the classroom, ie , 'live' instruction.

At Annex Real Estate School your pre-Licensing Instuctors are all state Approved who are also experinced Real Estate Brokers. You can read a synopsis of the process to become a Massachusets Real Estate Salesperson by clicking on the link. If you need an Application, just download one from the HIGHLIGHT on the school page. Application 02T for the MIDWEEK Program. Be sure to check off your choice of Days or Evenings. Download Application 02W for the WEEKEND Program.

What do we like about the Patriots? Besides being our hometown team, we like their attitude! They know that their success depends upon their education, training, practice, as well as their commitment to each game. They're also out there with a 'no brag' attitude. They have played each game as the most important.

It's also the attitude that makes for a successful real estate agent. With all this negative talk, there are real estate agents and offices that are just going about their business of servicing their clients and customers. They have stayed focused in their job of putting sales together. With the right education, training and practices they know they can be succesful in the real estate field.

For those who are already licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Salespersons and want to advance their career by becoming a Real Estate Broker, Annex Real Estate School has a program for you. There will be a Massachusetts Real Estate Brokers License Class that will start the 2nd week of February. This is a 30 hour program.

This Brokers Course is being taught by experienced, practicing Real Estate Brokers who are Approved Real Estate Instructors. Your lead instructor, with over 28 years of of practical real estate experience, is the Co-Owner of one of Quincy's major real estate offices with over 70 agents. Don't miss out on this incredible experience of sharing real estate knowledge with your fellow students other while learning the information needed to pass the Massachusetts. This class has not been posted to the website so call direct 617-773-2576 to apply and get information. If we are unable to take your call, please leave your call back number and when is a good time to contact you. Or, you can email the Registrar at Annex Real Estate School
We do answer emails!

Availability of all classes and programs depends upon registration. Class size limited to assure class quality. Pre-registration is a must.

Annex Real Estate School is conveniently located at 49 Beale Street in Quincy and is near the Wollaston T stop on the Red Line.

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