Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do I Want To Have Fun In My Real Estate Continuing Education Class?

Just how exciting are real estate continuing education classes supposed to be? Last week we received a flyer in the mail of some up coming classes. Both the brochure itself, plus the testimony of previous students, assured us that we would be in for 12 hours of fun! Wow!

Then yesterday, the mailman brought another brochure from another real estate school. Apparently the promise of fun was called to the attention of this school, as his message now included "fun" in the package!

Are we missing something over at Annex Real Estate School? Just how much stand up should we be including in our Continuing Education classes? Do you enjoy going to a real estate class where you will learn something that will make your business more profitable as well as keeping you up to date on good real estate practice? How important is the fun?

We really need to know, so we're asking your cooperation. We've put together a little poll over at Micropoll.com (aptly named) where you can tell us what you expect in your real estate continuing education. To take the poll, just click HERE. We promise we won't collect your email address or sell it to anyone. If the program works right, we will know what city or town you are located (part of your ip address), and that's all. If you want, just comment here at this blog, but comments are monitored to eliminate spam.

Oh yes, we do have a weekend of Continuing Education coming up. March 14th and 15th. The subjects include Offers, Chapter 93A Consumer Protection, Mass. License Laws and Regs., Technology and R.E., National Economic Trends, and Foreclosure. You can download an Application Here. This class is filling up and class size will be limited to assure class quality.

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