Friday, May 01, 2009

"Avoiding Mortgage Foreclosure"

Last night I attended a Forum on "Avoiding Mortgage Foreclosure" at the Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy, MA. The program was led by Kim Arouca of the Office of Congressman Bill Delahunt. It featured presentations by Attorney Nadine Cohen of the Greater Boston Legal Services, Attorney Deidre Jacobs Hall from Quincy Community Action Program (QCAP), Attorney Jean Healy from the office of the Massachusetts Attorney General, and Attorney Joe Leanard from the Massachusetts Division of Banks.

This was an excellent presentation with information of resources for homeowners who are experiencing difficulty in paying their home mortgage.

In addition to explaining the foreclosure process and the various options that are available, including mortgage remodification, they all cautioned against scammers that our preying on home owners. The two most prevalents scams involves (1) prepaying someone who promises to help you through the mortgage remodification process and (2) receiving offers to purchase your home, clean up the mortgage problem and then sell the house back to you.

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