Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Does Your Lawn look Like? Welcome to Green Aches -

I'm beginning to like the color of my brown lawn! I have two neigbors with in-ground watering systems. Dutifully, at 6 am, their lawns get watered. Because one neighbor's lawn is three large pine trees, as well, neither the water or their lawn service have made much progress in improving the lawn.

Another neighbor's lawn , gets the afternoon sun, that doesn't seem as intense as the sun in the morning. It is also watered automatically and is routinely professionally serviced. That must cost big bucks! And then my third neighbor does his own watering and has a lawn service. That lawn is 50/50, green and brown.

And then there is my lawn. All spring it's very, very green and very, very tall. I have read that the blades of grass don't obsess over their looks! Besides, that lets the roots go deep (?). Right now, it's mostly brown except for a few patches of hardy weeds and dandelions. In September, as the rains return, so will the green color and by the late fall, just as the leaves begin to fall ( ;-D it will have greened out again!

Now read about someone who is obsessed about his lawn: Welcome to Green Aches - The Boston Globe

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