Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Is Real Estate Brokerage Still A Good Career?

Over the past weeks I have been asked if real estate brokerage is still a viable career?  There was a large exodus of licensees right after the real estate 'bubble' burst.  Full timers became part timers and part timers said they were looking for a 'real job'.  Of course, real estate brokerage, working for buyers and/or sellers is a real job.  Who were these people who gave up their licenses or became inactive?  These were people who were not 'making it' in real estate.

Many real estate brokers and salesperson stayed in there.  If business is off 25%, then some one is making the 75%.

With interest rates still phenomenally low and inventory dropping down, it has becomes somewhat of a sellers market.  Perhaps that is why we still have a good attendance at our Massachusetts real estate salesperson classes.   And that is good.

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