Thursday, September 28, 2006


OK! I know this may not look like a comment about local real estate, but my wife and I took two of our grandkids to watch the Red Sox / Tampa Bay game last night at Fenway Park. Being a loyal Red Sox fan for many, many years, it was disheartening and embarrassing to see us not even score one run! Tampa Bay even scored nine runs in one inning! Ouch!
For one of the grandkids, it was his first visit to Fenway Park, although he has been to games in Pawtucket and Brockton. We dined on Fenway franks and bought him a #34 Ortiz shirt. Besides having a Fenway frank with lots of relish, our grand daughter, who has been to the park before, wanted a Green Monster doll! But it was obvious that the two of them enjoyed being at the game, the most.
The atmosphere at the game was a thrilling for us grandparents, as before, and the fans didn't seem to hesitate to enjoy the concessions despite the higher prices. The place was packed, even though it was a late in the season game and our home team has not done so well. In fact, the crowd didn't empty out until the top of the 9th with the final score already set!

What is different about Fenway Park, is the real estate. I remember sitting in the bleachers, many years ago. It was so remote. That has changed, as the owners have added more seating in the park. Being constrained by the size of the park, and unable to expand outward, they have expanded inward. This might be a lesson for those people who have the urge to move and cannot, might find that they can remodel or rearrange their living space and get better use out of what they have.

In the meantime: "Wait 'till next year!".

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