Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annex Real Estate School Announces Next Accelerated Real Estate Brokers Class Will Start April 30th

Annex Real Estate School announced today that the next Accelerated Massachusetts Real Estate Brokers Class will start on April 30th. Massachusetts Real Estate Salespersons who wish to advance their Real Estate career to Broker must take 30 hours of instruction at an Approved Real Estate School as a prerequisite to taking the state exam. Annex Real Estate School now offers a small, accelerated course that meets the state requirements. This accelerated format has already been successfully tried with a small group, demonstrating the need and feasibility of such a course.
This group will meet 10 hours per week for 3 weeks at the school's location in Wollaston.
This course costs only $250 which includes books "Modern Real Estate Practice", "Massachusetts Real Estate, Practice and Law" from Dearborn Publishing, and "Massachusetts Real Estate Rules and Regulations",and class material. This Brokers class will also receive "Guide to Passing the Promissor Real Estate Exam" (Dearborn Publishing.) This book recently received a 5 star review on Amazon.com

Upon successful completion of the course, students will also receive the "State of Massachusetts Real Estate Candidate Handbook.

All of Annex Real Estate School's pre-licensing courses are taught by experienced Real Estate Brokers who are also licensed by the state as Real Estate Instructors.

Call NOW 617-472-4330 ext 333 to arrange for your place in this class.

The PR Leap online press release service has just posted more information about this class to the Internet.

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