Monday, October 29, 2007

Massachusetts Real Estate Classes for Red Sox Fans

If you are ready to become the Real Estate Rookie of the Year for 2008, you have to start by getting your Real Estate Salesperson's License. Annex Real Estate School, conveniently located in the Wollaston Section of Quincy, Massachusetts, has been preparing students for the Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson state exam since 1991. The school is situated at 49 Beale Street, right near the Wollaton T stop on the Red Line.

The pre-licensing examination consists of two sections. The first Section, of 80 questions, tests the Candidate's General knowledge of real estate on subjects such as Types of Ownership, Real Estate Brokerage, Real Estate Economics and Affordability, Real Estate Financing, Real Estate Appraisal, and Real Estate Math. The second Section, of 30 questions, test the Candidate for their specific Knowledge of Real Estate, as conducted in Massachusetts. In this part of the exam, the Candidiate will show that they have learned about Massachusetts Licensing Requirements, Agency, Rental, Environmental Issues and other important subjects. It is necessary to achieve a score of 70% on both parts of the examination to pass and become licensed.

That is why getting the best available pre-licensing education is important. Part of the challange is that the Massachusetts pre-licensing course is only 24 hours in duration. Therefore, it the potential candidiate needs to find a Massachusetts Real Estate School that will optimize their learning experience. At Annex Real Estate School, we take pride in the preparation that our students get for their examination.

All of the pre-licensing classes at Annex Real Estate School are taught by experienced Massachusetts Real Estate Brokers who are also licensed by the state as Real Estate Instructors. The instructors bring their practical knowledge of the real estate business to their class presentations.

In addition to the environment of a successful real estate office, the students benefit from the two texts that are used in the Salepersons Class. Instead of relying on a script, Annex Real Estate School uses "Modern Real Estate Practice" and "Massachusetts Real Estate: Practice and Law", both published by Dearborn Publishing, " the nation's premier provider of real estate education and training materials. " The cost of these texts is included in the tuition for the course. Not only do the assist in the preparation for the exam, but will serve as an excellent reference after you have your license.

Other class handouts are also used, as well as a copy of the important Massachusetts "Real Estate License law and Regulations" which is produced by the "Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons". This Booklet is very important for studing the for the Massachusetts Section of the examination.

So , what does this cost and where and how do you get started? The cost of the Massachusetts pre-licensing course is still only $200, which includes both texts. You can visit the WEBSITE, send an email to Information or call 617-773-ALSO (617-773- 2576). extension 18. More information about the licensing process can also be found at the About Tab on the website. You can download and print an Application under the Highlights on the Web Site

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OK! If you're not a Red Sox Fan, you can still get into the class :)