Friday, March 28, 2014

Is The Spring Market About to Blossom?

Week after week, we've had nothing but more below average temps. here in Massachusetts, along with much of the county.  We've also anxiously watched snow storms, 'winter northeasters' , blizzards, and even a 'winter hurricane' impact our area.   This has not been good for the Spring Market which often start by mid March.   At last, the local weather forecast for the next week has temperatures above freezing, both day and night.  We hope that we've turned the corner and will start to see near normal conditions.

Why all the attention to the weather?  Here in New England, our real estate activity is seasonally effected by the what's happening outside.   There is something special about the earth awakening after the weather with the bushes and trees budding, with the flowers gracing the lawn.

Along with the buyers and sellers now more attentive, so has the activity in our real estate school, Annex Real Estate School.  We just finished two enthusiastic midweek classes, one days and the other in the evening.  An intensive weekend class is about to begin on March 29th.  (There are still a few places available in this class as of this writing.)  We've also notice an increase in the number a applicants taking the Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson examination, state wide.   For more information, go to or