Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Real Estate Classes a Predictor of the Real Estate Market

Can you judge the real estate market based on the number of people who want to start a real estate sales career?
For the past several years, the enrollment in real estate schools in Massachusetts had been phenomenal. Over 900 first time candidates wee taking the state examination to become licensed as a Real Estate Salesperson. This was an obvious reaction to the ever increasing sales at increased prices that was observed.
By early 2008, there was a marked decrease in enrollment of real estate students as the media covered the increasing problems with real estate proce drops and real estate foreclosures. In the fall of 2008, as the news about the economy became more and more catestrophic, along with the attention of the national campaign, many classes became very limited in size.
Just as there is usually a spring real estate market, we see some positive signs in real estate school enrollment. The students come to class with different background and different expectations from those of 4 - 6 years ago. Many of todays' students have experience in finance, insurance banking and related real estate estate. They acknowledge that they will have to work to be successful, and that there is a future.

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