Friday, March 21, 2008

Celtic Pride and My Real Estate Team

It wasn't too far into this year's NBA season, when it became apparent that something special was happening with the Boston Celtics. Playing as a team, they accomplishing something that brought out Celtic pride. After last night's game, they had a .809 average in the NBA standings. Their nearest challenge is from Detroit with .720 .

Regardless of the numbers, our Celtics just took three games in Texas!

I know it's been said before, but it's not just having great players. It's when the players working together as a team.

I like to think of Century 21 Annex Realty as my real estate team. I've been there for over 25 years and have watched this team grow. Last year, Century 21 Annex Realty, located in Quincy, Massachusetts, was in the top 11 offices out of 152 Century 21 offices in the Northeast Region. Go Team!

There are now over 70 agents as part of this team. Men and women who are all there for one purpose: to help sellers and buyers of real estate accomplish their goal of having a successful and satisfying real estate transaction.

In addition to the real estate office, there is also Annex Real Estate School.
This school was founded over 16 years ago by one of the principals of Century 21 Annex Realty.

Annex Real Estate School features Massachusetts Real Estate License Classes that are a pre - requisite for taking the Mass state real estate licensing examinations. After succesfully becoming licensed Real Estate Salepersons, students may apply for an interview at Century 21 Annex Realty.

In addition to preparation for the first license, that of a Real Estate Salesperson, Annex Real Estate School is one of the few schools in Massahusetts offering a Real Estate Broker program that is taught by practicing real estate Brokers.